The Pitfalls of React TDD

You will get 3 videos over 6 days detailing 3 common pitfalls that stop React and JavaScript developers successfully apply TDD.

The Number 1 Reason 
React TDD Fails

In the first video learn the number 1 reason why your React TDD failed and why you stopped writing tests.

The Dangers of Component
Mocking in React

We look at the biggest red flag React throws up when doing TDD.

The Risk Of
Framework Coupling

Use this principle straight away in your React projects to radically simplify your efforts.

Arif Khan

JavaScript Engineer

"I was struggling to do TDD with react JS and losing interest over time but this mini-course gives me new hope. I am looking forward to the next big thing."

Delivered by Logic Room Founder Pete Heard

Oscar Lagatta

React and JavaScript Engineer

"As a new React Developer I found this initial set of videos very informative and eye opener in how to approach Testing with React, will definitely help to increase the productivity and gain confidence in the code base."